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Proven Technology Systems

For Mandatory Compliance And Public Safety Applications

Delivering end-to-end solutions,

for motor vehicle compliance

to public safety agencies 

Mutiple Public Safety

Programs Around

the Nation

Who We Are

SECURIX has established and operates Public Safety Companies in many states around the nation.  Its sole focus everywhere is public safety and respect for the rule of law

Its ANNIE System is a complete solution to the uninsured vehicle problem in the U.S. but also enhances officer safety and efficiency, has no cost to agencies and yet, enables governments to recover revenues and enable worthwhile programs.  All other systems have only unreliable data or, are limited to a single state or insurer.


This proprietary, instant status system benefits every person and organization associated with motor vehicle insurance, including Policyholders, Drivers, State and Local Law Enforcement, Vehicle Registration, Insurance Commissioners and their staffs, Insurers, Agents and Brokers, Healthcare Insurers and Facilities and, the Courts.

SECURIX’s ANNIE, (Automated National Non-Invasive Insurance Enforcement) System, was developed to provide a full-featured, respectful and complete solution to the massive problems involving uninsured vehicles. Its focus is on solving the problem and reducing the burden on the law-abiding, not on incarceration and penalties.


The system is entirely law enforcement-based and does not interfere with discretion.  Uninsured vehicles are a national problem and a national approach is essential.  Unequal protection and enforcement is illegal, and this alone can solve this problem without targeting yet, it fully supports law enforcement without cost to any agency yet interfaces with any ALPR System and supports all Hot Lists and BOLOs.  Vastly different to speed and red light camera companies, (the difference between omission and commission), this system has no links to such companies and such companies are not authorized to verify vehicle insurance status.  This is a vastly different and far superior approach.  

 The System does not assume guilt and is incapable of identifying any driver. It has a portal for privacy advocate oversight and is instant, accurate and entirely respectful. It provides an interactive diversion program and, an easy, inexpensive path to compliance and success for violators. 

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